Supplementary Agreement for On-line Registration for SLT Voice App

This Agreement is Supplementary to the Megaline (Double with BB/Triple Play) / FTTH (Double with BB /Triple Play) / 4G LTE Agreements.

This Agreement shall be read together with the aforesaid Telecommunication Service Agreement/s (Principal Agreement) entered into between the parties for the existing connection and shall form a part and parcel of the said Agreement/s.

The following terms and conditions serve as guidelines in addition to the information published in the SLT web site.

Supplementary Agreement for SLT Voice App

I agree to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions set forth herein and in the SLT website.

By clicking the “I Accept” [* Pleases refer the Asterisk below] box below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the following;

  1. Consent to online self-registration
  1. Amendments and Modifications
  1. Customer Obligations

      3.1      I shall maintain the availability of my data and voice connections obtained under the Principal Agreement at all times material to this Agreement in order to obtain this Service.

      3.2      I agree to connect to the SLT internet (home Wi-Fi) or SLT Public Wi-Fi hotspot in order to use this Service.

      3.3      I understand that I can not create multiple Voice App accounts by using a single mobile number. One Mobile number can be used once in a given time.

      3.4      I agree to protect and keep the login credentials of the Broadband VAS portal ( and Voice APP account(s) confidentially as stated under the Principal Agreement and I shall be responsible in the event of any breach

      3.5      I will register for the Service under the Broad Band VAS Portal in accordance with the Registration guidelines provided by SLT.

      3.6      I understand that my Public IP of the softphone will be used for tracing and billing purposes

      3.7      I understand that I am entitled to register only 4 mobile phone numbers at a given time.

      3.8      I agree not to use the Service for any illegal or immoral purpose including but not limited to illegal by-pass, gray traffic termination and such other illegal or immoral activity morefully stated under the Principal Agreement.

      3.9      I understand that in the event I register for SMS alerts for this Service, I may receive SLT promotional SMS, bill payment reminders or any other special messages related to SLT product and services.

      3.10      I shall maintain my smart phone devise and any other phone connection at my cost in order to receive the Service.

      3.11      In the event I detect a misuse by a licensee under me, I shall forthwith change the password and if I so wish will, immediately notify SLT to terminate the Service


  1. Termination
  1. Fees and Payments
  1. Indemnity
  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  1. Confidentiality
  1. Links to other websites
  1. SLT Rights

      10.1      I agree that the provision of the Service will be at the discretion of SLT.

      10.2      I agree that SLT has right to request further information and documentation whether on line or not prior to provisioning of the Services.

      10.3      I understand that SLT has right to monitor and control my access rights

      10.4      I agree that SLT may terminate this Service for its convenience.


I agree



I do not agree. Wish to Exit




The Ones who click the I accept box should be qualified as follows;

(1) the legal customer

(2) the authorized representative